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Molly Gordon


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“Molly is someone I trust wholeheartedly. Her facilitation was encouraging, challenging and inclusive. She helped me continue to see where my biases are at play. Molly’s guidance and positioning as a leader and fellow learner helped me get more honest with myself (being in denial is such an obstacle). She gave me gentle shoves to move through any self-pity or discouragement and the freedom to create and be responsible for my own learning journey. I see it is about re-orientating, not passing some kind of test. Molly always gathers an interesting crowd and curates a wide range of pertinent resources, which I massively appreciate. A great way to keep learning. Thank you.”

– Juliet Fay, Poet & Three Principles

Facilitator |  www.solcare.org

“I was in a reflective, grace-filled community (focused on becoming anti-racist) that Molly facilitated. Between the sharing of information (books, articles, videos, etc.) and the shame-free discussions in the group I began to uncover and dismantle layers of my own racism – thoughts and actions that I’d been unaware of.

I came away with more realization of the pervasiveness of systemic racism, more willingness to question what I believe, what I’ve been taught (& what’s been glossed over or ignored), and a stronger desire to do something about it – in myself and in the world.

I am eternally grateful to Molly for modeling the ability to be angry (and active) about systemic racism without hate or blame.”

– Karen Caterson

“Molly has been a senior faculty and a valuable thought partner for 7 Paths Forward, LLC for several years. She is insightful, practical, and has a strong values base for her work. She thinks deeply about coaching and development and often comes up with innovative, provocative ideas that are always worth exploring. We have benefited greatly from our work with her.”

– David B. Peterson, Ph.D

Founder 7 Paths Forward

“I count Molly among one of my most treasured colleagues. Aside from being a superb coach, Molly is one of the best instructors, evaluators, and coach mentors I know. Any coaching student is extremely fortunate to have her guidance during a program. Any coach, at any level, from beginning to experienced, from ACC to PCC to MCC, will benefit greatly from her incisive and always accurate comments that elevate, expand, and accelerate coaching growth.”

– Margaret Krigbaum, MCC

Lead Instructor University of Miami Coaching Certificate Program

– Carla Royal, M.ED.

Integral Master Coach™ – Coaching for Entrepreneurs

“It’s always amazing to have Molly teach our coaching skills class. Molly has this calm, caring, authenticate approach that creates the wonderful landscape of safety. Her innate ability to hear what’s really happening for someone and ask all the right questions is very impressive. Molly is one of my few go-to coaches I trust to teach, not only because of her extensive coaching abilities, but because she creates an amazing platform for everyone to be vulnerable and embark on a new path of learning. Because of Molly’s teaching and distinctive personality, I watch our participants get inspired and seamlessly step into their own distinctive coaching style. Something like that, you just can’t teach!”

– Sophia Harbas

Director of Executive Coaching Programs, ClientWise LLC

Waking up to Whiteness
Waking Up to Whiteness

Coaching as a profession was largely developed by white people for white people. If we are going to disrupt this system, we must come to terms with the ways individual agency and group identity impact the work we do.

A Skillful Navigator
A Skillful Navigator

A coach who balances integrated lived experience with more formal ways of knowing, Molly Gordon believes in the “greatness at the core of the human soul.” As you grapple with developing new perspectives, Molly’s guidance is steady and strong.

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Executive Coaching

Learn to lead organizations that are genuinely equitable, diverse, and inclusive

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Mentor Coaching
Develop your style while working with issues of group identity and individual agency
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Coach Training
Interrogate current curricula, models, and methods to ensure equity and inclusion

A Voice Above the Waves

For over 25 years, Molly Gordon has worked as a coach and mentor to clients worldwide.

Molly Gordon - Coach for Cultural Change