Coaching for Racial Awareness

Confront the Issues of Today with an Experienced Guide

Growing in cultural competency is critical for those who lead and coach others. As you work with Molly, her knowledge and engagement will push you toward greater understanding, empathy, and success within your sphere of influence.

Molly Gordon - Coaching for Racial Awareness

Executive Coaching

Many leaders are used to having answers, but when waking up to whiteness, new ways of understanding are necessary. Molly helps leaders find their own footing as they move toward building more equitable organizations.

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Mentor Coaching

To coach people in marginalized communities, it is first important to face the ways coaching has historically been rooted in white supremacy and to work to dismantle that foundation. Molly’s guidance helps coaches navigate working through issues related to group identity and marginalized identity to approach coaching through a lens of inclusivity.

Coach Training

To shift the profession of coaching from a lens of whiteness to a lens of equity, it is necessary to examine the training new coaches receive, removing roots of supremacy and aligning with new practices of inclusion. Molly’s experience and knowledge make her a perfect partner for shifting the paradigm.

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