A Seasoned Truthteller

Challenging and Supporting Those Who Seek Racial Understanding

Molly Gordon - A Coach for Cultural Change
Molly Gordon has been a life and executive coach for over 25 years, helping people all over the world grow in authenticity and fulfillment. As the growing need for racial awareness moves toward the center of our national conversation, Molly’s call as a coach is shifting as well.

Still willing to coach in a traditional sense, Molly’s renewed commitment to the coaching community is to help white people “unpack whiteness.”

A teacher and preacher by nature, Molly knows the need to balance approachability and humor with a deep knowledge of the harm caused by whiteness and what white people need to do to repair that harm.

Working with Molly will challenge your beliefs, will make you question what you’ve always assumed to be true about our culture, and will open your eyes to realities that face people who are marginalized in American society every day.

Molly will support you as you cultivate the brave spaces necessary to evolve from upholding white supremacy to challenging and dismantling the system in support of others.

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