Resources for Deeper Understanding

Molly brings an anti-racist lens to every interaction. Plug in below to hear her thoughts on whiteness, how she is still learning, and how to grapple with what whiteness means in your own life and work.

Coaching for Racial Awareness - Molly Gordon

ICF and 3P: the time has come

Here's my "impossible project" for Michael Neill's Creating the Impossible 2018 program. In the next 90 days I will make the Three Principles the explicit foundation for coaching in the...

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What art tells us about life

I frequently use art as a metaphor for living life wisely and well. There's The Art of Living, an exploration of how we are designed to live creatively and joyfully and the potential for waking up...

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On messing up

Some years ago I made a horrible mistake. (And yes, I've made tons of mistakes since then; this is just the one that comes to mind in the moment.) I was president of a local arts organization, and...

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Overwhelm is optional (really!)

Overwhelm is optional—really If a surfer riding the crest of a wave obsesses about the last six waves or the next six waves, she's certain to wipe out. Yet human beings do this all the time when we...

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Things happen for a reason. Really?

"Things happen for a reason." You've heard it. I've heard it. Maybe you've said it; I certainly have. And today I realized that it's not all that helpful. Maybe things happen for a reason; maybe...

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