What’s in the Water?

Guidance for Swimming Against the Stream

In waking up to whiteness, there are questions to answer and ideas to confront. Molly’s insights bring perspective and clarity.

Molly Gordon
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What will it take to make coaching anti-racist?

Can coaching become anti-racist? I’ve been a coach since January, 1996, and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) since March of that year. I joined ICF because I wanted to learn and grow in this emerging profession, I wanted to locate myself in the...

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Postcard from May 2020

Welcome. Welcome to friends, prospective clients, colleagues, and strangers. Welcome to fellow human beings of all shapes, colors, sizes, gender expressions, and ability. Welcome to engagement with the art of living, where messiness is a given, love is a verb, and...

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#MasteryIsNotWhite: An Open Letter to the Coaching Community

Last week I withdrew from the Essence of Mastery Summit, a series of interviews with Master Certified Coaches designed to illuminate the path to achieving that credential from the International Coach Federation (ICF). Here’s the backstory. I'm waking up to the depth,...

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Beyond the door to coaching mastery

Beyond the door to coaching mastery For the past several years I've been exploring, articulating, and deepening coaching mastery. While I've been coaching, training new coaches, and mentoring expert coaches on the path to greatness, I've reflected deeply on what makes...

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Where the heck have I been and what’s next?

Oh dear, I haven't written a newsletter or blog post since June 3rd. That's no way to stay connected, and I apologize if you have wondered what the heck was going on. The simple truth is that, rather like a cat, I've been suiting myself, following my inclinations so...

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Is it you?

Are you my next client? ♥ Are you my next client? It's funny, after 22 years of coaching, I've gotten out of the habit of letting people know when I have room for new clients. Today is the day to get back in the groove. Beginning in May, I have room for three new...

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100% Responsibility: It’s Up to You, and It’s Not on You

I'm participating in Michael Neill's 90-day Creating the Impossible program, which has recently been released in book form. Some other time I may share what a hoot it is that I would do this. The very name of the program would have once given me hives. But I digress....

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Patience is a byproduct of understanding how the mind works

Patience is a byproduct of understanding how the mind works. The mind has an innate capacity for clarity and creativity. That's our default state but for the moment to moment experience of personal thinking. When that thinking innocently creates an insoluble problem,...

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