10 Mistakes Accidental Entrepreneurs Make When Worried about Money

by | Jan 5, 2009

a dog and a cat
1. Trying to sell more things to more people instead of better things to the right people.
2. Looking for more customers instead of taking care of the customers they have.
3. Compromising on quality in a flurry of activity.
4. Underpricing.
5. Trying to please everyone: too many colors, sizes, formats, & other options.
6. Lowering prices (see #4).
7. Comparing self to others instead of learning from what they do.
8. Looking for reassurance instead of asking for biz help.
9. Trying a bunch of things versus choosing a strategy, doing it, then evaluating.
10. Confusing their income with their worth.
Photo credit: Chinese crested dog and a sphynx hairless cat by Erik Lam via istockphoto.