An inspiring niche

by | Nov 27, 2006

Think that narrowing your niche is going to slow down the flow of business and stunt your creativity? Think again. Here’s a story from Ellen Anmuth about how opening her mind and heart to a fresh niche resulted in $2.6 million in funding. Yes, I’m impressed.
Dear Molly,
Thanks for your continued support by placing my program information in the Resource section of your website.
I have very wonderful news to share: My backgroung is as a Genetic Counselor and Licensed Clinical Social Worker–also a grant wrtier. I found out about lots of federal grant money available for relationship and marriage education….approached the National Multiple Sclerosis Society with the idea to provide home based coursed via phone and workbook to people with MS and their spouses….bottom line, we were funded for 2.6 million dollars (not me personally!) to provide this service nationally. My personal dream of getting my educational program “out to the world” is beginning to manifest on a bigger scale. Thanks for being a supporter of my work. I so appreciate your kindness and generosity.
With love,
Ellen Anmuth
Ellen Anmuth MS,MSW,LCSW
Executive Director/Founder
“The Language Of Solutions” Training Programs
561-241-1014 (Boca Raton, FL)
When I told Ellen I was going to post this on my blog, she offered to tell more of the story. Of course, I said yes! Here is what she wrote:
Dear Molly,
I think the learning and lesson for me, and perhaps for others, is to “ask for guidance”. When I knew about millions of dollars of federal money coming available, I went inside myself (while standing my swimming pool just prior to starting to swim my laps), and asked for help to figure out how to find the best match for my project, “The Language Of Solutions” home-based telephone learning program. I needed to approach an organization that would be the correct “fit” to both maximize funding potential and help the most people. The message I received was “mobility challenged disabled people”. I selected the National Multiple Sclerosis Society because it afflicts people mostly between ages 20-50… a perfect fit for Marriage and Relationship Education grant monies.
This may help many others to manifest their professional and personal dreams. Thanks for the chance to share this!!
Ellen Anmuth MS,MSW,LCSW