What’s your business vision? A message for the superhero in your biz

by | May 6, 2014

Superhero You may not always feel this way, but you are the superhero your business is looking for.


There is a superpower at the core of what you set out to do when you decided to work for yourself. When you’re in touch with that superpower, you’re in touch with the soul of your business.

And that matters.

It matters because it enables you to see more clearly, think more creatively, and act more boldly to grow a business that fits just right.

This came to mind because I just finished revising the transcript of “Superpowers, Storytelling, and Soul Stuff: How going deep affects your bottom line,” a class by Fabeku Fatunmise of fabeku.com. It made my heart sing. I think it will make yours sing, too.

I invite you to click here to download Superpowers, Storytelling, and Soul Stuff (the audio, handout, and transcript) now. No sign-up required.

In his class, Fabeku shows:

  • The two critically important pieces of every business that are almost always overlooked.
  • A foolproof roadmap that gives you instant clarity in every business situation.
  • How to create a solid structure that supports all facets of your business.
  • The importance of magnets and filters.
  • What alchemy has to do with making more money.

What’s behind this

One of the creative projects I took on when I stopped writing the Authentic Promotion ezine is distilling my immense library of self-employment resources from heart-centered teachers into something I’m calling the Enlightened Business Intensive. I’m choosing content that, like Fabeku’s, has exceptional relevance, style, and depth.

Rather than talking to you about the Enlightened Business Intensive, I thought I’d let the material speak for itself. That’s why I’m giving away Fabeku’s class and other selections in a no-cost preview series.

When you download “Superpowers, Storytelling, and Soul Stuff,” you’ll have the option of signing up for additional previews. The reason I ask you to sign up at that point is so that email about future previews only goes to people who want to receive it.

If you could use a boost—a boost of confidence, a boost of creativity, a boost of motivation—download “Superpowers, Storytelling, and Soul Stuff” and give it a listen today. If you like what you see and hear, I hope you’ll sign up for additional previews.