Connect to the miracle of life to sustain your heart

by | Dec 24, 2015

Last week I talked about our breakable but indestructible hearts. A viewer wrote:

Thank you, Molly. A delicate and paradoxical dance, learning the difference between caring for our hearts and “wrapping them in cotton wool.” And essential to being alive!

As I reflected on her comments, I realized that my friend and mentor, Bill Cumming, has taught me something essential to sustaining that open heart. Life is a miracle, and when we experience ourselves as part of that miracle, open hearts come naturally.

Encounter the miracle you are and co-create more miracles in your life with The Art of Living: Creating Magic and Meaning in Life and Work.

You might well ask how you can connect more deeply to the miracle of life? Notice what makes you come alive. Make time each day, preferably at the beginning, for spiritual self-care, for care of the soul. If you’d like to experience for yourself the reality that all of us have within our heart and mind the ability to create a life of value and purpose, Bill Cumming’s online program, “What Every Person Can Do.” It is about accessing the power that already resides within each of us.