Costco can’t actually obscure your true nature

by | Apr 30, 2014

Your true natureA client remarked today that she knows that her true nature is wholeness and love, but that Costco and her busy schedule of daily life had temporarily obscured it. A few years ago that would have made perfect sense to me, and now it doesn’t.

A few years ago I believed that our circumstances could affect our level of consciousness. If we want to be peaceful, insightful, and wise, then it behooves us to spend time in peaceful circumstances. We should avoid being too busy. But how do we then account for the fact that some people are peaceful, insightful, and wise in the midst of chaos?

What I see now is that we’re always living in the feeling of our thinking. When our thinking is chaotic, we have feelings of stress, confusion, fear. When our thinking settles down, we feel better—not because our circumstances have changed, but because our thinking about our has changed.

As long as we are in the human experience we’re going to experience highs and lows. Sometimes it will appear that those highs and lows are the result of what’s going on around us, but it’s always and only thought that produces our experiences of life. When we remember that, we don’t have to be afraid of being busy.

Photo by Joot Assink via Flicker