Day 1, San Miguel de Allende

by | Oct 3, 2007

My patio office in San Miguel de Allende view from the office in San Miguel de Allende
The lower patio at San Miguel
TCP and I are spending two months in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico, where we are living and working from a lovely home belonging to our friends, Little & Lewis. This is the first of what I intend to be more-or-less daily dispatches.
I’ve set up my Mexican office on the lower patio overlooking the town. Maria anticipated me by bringing cushions for the cast iron chairs before I could look up the word for “cushion.” (I had “Where are the …..” all worked out.)
Snapped two photos – such restraint! – and am writing this as I wait for them to finish uploading along with the other 156 photos I had neglected to erase from the camera.
The temperature is perfect – I’m wearing a tee shirt and yoga pants and fleece socks, no shoes, and I’m comfy as can be here in the shade. Of course, my ongoing personal summer makes the cool morning air welcome.
Learned three things so far this morning:
1. It is better to snap two photos and post them than to snap 25 and spend the day fiddling with them before deciding they aren’t any good and starting over.
2. It is better (but hard!) to choose one thing and write about that than to attempt to capture every nuance of an experience – unless one is James Joyce or Marcel Proust – and even that begs the question of who would have the stamina to read one’s work.
3. Don’t move the laptop while the camera is connected.
It’s time to start real work, stay tuned to find out what on earth I am talking about.