I wonder, wonder, wonder who wrote the book of success

by | Apr 23, 2013

Wonder Wheel Success

Most of us spend a fair amount of time questioning ourselves, our choices, our capacities, and our decisions. That’s okay. It might as well be, given that we do it, right?

We can experience this questioning as self-doubt of the feels-pretty-crummy kind or as the kind of wondering that is the essence of creating.

This has been up for me lately as I’ve been wondering how best to rejigger The Goldilocks Strategy for Getting Clients that Fit Just Right. Reflecting on the responses to the survey I put out last week and drawing on six years of sharing the work, I came up with a radically new design.

For a few days I was quite excited and happy about the new offer. I’d figured out how to cut the price by 85% (not a typo) while building in robust support.

And then, I started to think. Was the new design really right?

Wondering about what to create was turning into doubt about whether the creation was right. Collaborating with possibility was turning into worry about the outcome.

Back to wonder

As the saying goes, this is not my first rodeo. When I realized that wonder was turning into doubt, I did the sensible thing: my laundry. And while standing in the sun hanging clothes on the line, I remembered the wonder I felt when the new design of Goldilocks emerged.

As I looked in the direction of that good feeling, the experience of wonder increased. I realized that I knew all I needed to know: that I had a cool new idea and was enthused (en*theos) about putting it out into the world.

I can’t know what the response to the new version of Goldilocks will be, but I do know that it makes me smile.

Success lives in the immediate experience of wonder

Creating is in our DNA. We can’t not create. And part of creating is to wonder how to make something happen.

What we sometimes forget is that the success of a creative venture lives in the wondering, not in the outcome. So long as we have breath, there is the possibility—the inevitability—that we will create again. There is no such thing as a make-or-break outcome to creating.

The real question is whether we will experience the success of creating here and now or look for it off in the unknowable and uncontrollable future.

This week as you work on what to offer your clients or how to put an offer out into the world, remember the distinction between wonder and doubt. Go ahead, think things through. Just remember to look in the direction of a wonder-full feeling when it comes time to make your decisions.

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So, are you curious about Goldilocks?

Here’s a quick-and-dirty break down of what’s new about The Goldilocks Strategy for Getting Clients that Fit Just Right followed by a link to the full details.

The content: Unchanged. Still 7 lessons including recorded classes, a professionally designed workbook, transcripts, and mindmaps.

The price: Reduced from $1500 to $220. Really.

Support: A year of monthly teleconferences for coaching and Q&A.

Community: A private Facebook group.

Bonus: Believe! A Guide to Practical Attraction. A complete home study course in non-magical thinking to create what you want.

Bonus: A new how-to video each month.

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Photo of the Wonder Wheel by MA1216 via Flickr