What’s really up with effortless success?

by | Feb 25, 2013


Every time we say ‘Let there be!’ in any form, something happens. ~ Stella Terrill Mann

I’ve often mused about what makes the difference between times of ease and forward momentum and times of struggle. In my experience,  the difference lies in whether or not we align our intentions and energy with what might be variously termed flow, reality, or even God’s will. In our awareness or lack of awareness that all creation is co-creation.

Whether or not we attribute the mysteries and magnificence of forces beyond our ken to a benevolent intelligence, we can choose to cooperate with those forces as they unfold. We can attune ourselves to opportunities for flowering as well as seasons for incubation or renewal. We can harness trends, hop on bandwagons, even lead the pack, so long as we pay attention to the forces that generate the trends, build the bandwagons, or motivate the pack.

It strikes me as not only arrogant but foolish to imagine ourselves as lone movers in any creative endeavor. Even if such a thing were possible, how much richer it seems, and how much more organic, to show up each day as junior partners, eager, interested, and even hungry for the next creative possibility. Here aspiration and humility co-exist in a dynamic way, a way that supports dreaming big dreams and playing bigger games without becoming inflated or driven.

When we pay attention to both the the inclinations of our hearts and the invitations issued by the world around us, we experience the buoyancy of being fully supported in the moment. We know an unconditioned state of wellbeing that can’t be taken away, no matter how our ventures turn out. We are free to play without restraint or limit.

These are the conditions under which success is both effortless and inevitable.

Photo Credit: Robyn Jay