En route to Lima

by | May 26, 2007

4hourworkweek.jpgGreetings from the International Terminal of Atlanta/Hartsfield International Airport. I’m here to join a group of wild and wonderful women from around the USA, members of the Web Women Giving Circle, for a trip to Lima and surrounding communities, where we will be visiting and working in various CARE development projects. The trip is courtesy of More Magazine, which sponsored the CARE/More Giving Circle Challenge.
On the plane from Seattle I read much of Tim Ferriss’s knock-out book, The 4-Hour Work Week (yes, that’s 4 hours in a week, not a day). Verrrrry interesting, especially in the wake of my trip two weeks ago to Campbell, California, for Sean D’Souza’s Website Strategy Masterclass.
Why don’t you grab the book and give it a read while I’m out this week? I would love to talk about it when I return.