Alien vs. Dinosaur: The key to finding wisdom when the inner debates rage

by | Jul 23, 2013

Arguing with yourself

Last week I wrote, “The wisdom we need to grow our businesses arises from a good feeling in the here and now.” But what can you do when what is arising is a noisy debate between your inner alien and dinosaur?

What can you do about finding wisdom then?

Where is wisdom? Wisdom is always present.Wisdom isn’t a member of the debating society

Wisdom doesn’t argue, persuade, or convince.

It doesn’t participate in debates, which is why we can’t discern it by trying to find it among the competing voices.

When you reflect on your own experience of accessing wisdom, you will probably notice that the voice of wisdom is quieter than the voices in the debating society. The alien rages. The dinosaur roars.

Wisdom whispers.

Wisdom just is

The wisdom you need to grow your business is always present. Yes, it can be obscured by noisy thoughts. But Thought flows. Thoughts are always coming and going. They only linger when we think into them, when we decide to believe them and give them power.

As soon as we realize that the only thing that stands between us and finding wisdom is a thought—or a cacophony of thought—we can stop trying to find the right answer in the noise.

Wisdom is always presentWhen we stop trying to find the right answer, our minds can begin to settle. They may settle quickly or slowly, but settle they will. That’s the nature of things.

And as the noise begins to diminish, we can hear what we need to hear.

This week, should you happen to wish for wisdom, notice if you are looking for it in the midst of the debate. Then simply stop looking in that direction.

That may mean stopping looking altogether for a bit until your mind begins to quiet. It may feel irresponsible to stop worrying and groping for the answer, but when you realize that finding wisdom doesn’t lie in that direction, you’ll feel better about taking a break from the debate.

Let me know in the comments below what shows up for you.

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