How do you get off the dang dime?

by | Sep 17, 2014

one dime

We’ve all been there, perched on the brink of something new. Full of ideas and inspiration. Eager to make something happen. And yet…

Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes. Or not life exactly, but how we hold things in our lives. How we imagine them, relate to them, organize them, think about them.

There’s a way in which we can go around in circles in our minds, working quite hard, but not making any actual progress.

It can be crazy making. And the more time we spend spinning our wheels in this way, the worse things get.

We have trouble making simple decisions. We get caught up in perfectionism or second guessing or self-doubt.

And so the question arises, how do you get off the dang dime?

What you do at this point matters

One option is to push through, no holds barred. Batten down the hatches. Man the torpedoes. Don’t look up until you’ve done the thing.

And that can work. But the cost can be very high. You can end up burning bridges as well as the midnight oil, wearing out relationships as well as your adrenals.

A better way is to tap into wisdom

A much better way to get off the dime, to get traction on something important, is to tap into wisdom. Your own wisdom and that of the collective.

Because wisdom is there, you know. It’s ever present and endlessly available.

What varies is your ability to access it at a given point in time.

You can get better at tapping into wisdom

The more you understand about how your moment-to-moment thinking creates your experience of reality, the better you get at discerning wisdom from all the voices competing for air time in your head.

The better you get at discerning that difference, the more confidence you will have in the guidance you receive.

And the more you trust your guidance, the easier it is to get off the dime.

Wisdom is the key to getting traction on the things that matter

Wisdom, not struggle, is the key to getting traction. It’s not just about working smarter, it’s about working wiser.

Wisdom is a key theme of the Traction Mastermind group that begins next Wednesday, September 24, 2014. The group includes facilitated mastermind calls, individual coaching, and customized structures for acountability.

The Traction Mastermind is for men and women who are smarter than the average bear but feel stuck anyway. They sense there is something in spiritual principles that might help them get unstuck, but they distrust New Age “happy talk.” They know what they want to create or accomplish, even if the steps are not mapped out yet, and they feel called to take action now.

If that sounds like you, take a look now and see if it resonates. If so, send me your application, and we’ll have a conversation to see it it’s a fit.

Also, I would deeply appreciate your help spreading the word. If someone comes to mind immediately as a possible fit, would you tell them now about the program?

Thank you!




PS: In some respects, the best candidate for a mastermind group is someone who doesn’t need one. What I mean by that is that it’s not about needing help so much as it is about being ready to engage with a group of peers who are committed to each other’s vision. It’s about relaxing more into your strengths even as you are step up to play a bigger game.