Getting What You Need: You Can’t Run Depleted

by | Feb 7, 2006

Another quickie before bed.

Three weeks ago I submitted to a group of colleagues a question: “What’s up with my lack of will? Is there something I should notice, or is it simply gestation time or (just a HINT of grandiosity here) perhaps that I am so very mature that ordinary things like fear and pride don’t get my motor running?”

Long story short, they nailed me: I was so depleted that I found just about everything overwhelming, and rather than getting all frantic, I essentially disengaged.

Now there’s a lot more to say about all of this (and believe me, I’ll get around to saying it here or in my newsletters), but here’s the piece I want to share tonight. When I got how vulnerable I was and that I was really and truly out of gas (and me, an internationally recognized coach!), I also got this pearl of realization: I always get what I allow myself to need.

How about you?