Hiking SW of El Centro

by | Oct 26, 2007

Last Sunday, we set out for a distant hill in search of what appeared to be a solitary monument that we could barely make out from our veranda using binoculars. We hiked down the hill, across town, around another hill, and then up and over a couple of hills, managing to miss entirely the one hill we had intended to climb.
No loss. We had a great hike, verified that the stone and cobbles for the streets are placed by hand even in new subdivisions, and picked a prickly pear, the fine, spiny remnants of which are probably still clinging to TCP‘s vest.
Said prickly pear:
Here you see in the distance (from our veranda) a water tower that, at first, we mistook for the monument we had been seeking. Click on the photos for larger images.
Water tower of the new subdivision seen from El Caracol 12
The water tower serves one of several new subdivisions:
Allende subdivision, south west of El Centro San Miguel de Allende
The new subdivisions command fabulous views, including this one of El Centro. The lovely spires are la parroquia on the jardin (central square).
La Parroquia from Allende subdivision, San Miguel
And here, in the distance, you can see the smoke from Pollo Feliz, source of fabulous broiled chickens and all the trimmings.
The smokestack of Pollo Feliz, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato