How do you find your heart’s desire in your work?

by | Jun 27, 2007

From the inbox, June 13, 2007.

Dear Molly,
I always enjoy reading your emails and am so thankful I subscribed to your
Authentic Promotion Newsletter. You have a very authentic, no pun intended,
grounded sense to in your approach to life which I greatly appreciate.
Not sure if you can assist with this or not, well here it goes.
I am frustrated with my interesting career. I freelance produce tv/r commercials.
It was great in my twenties and thirties, now I am 45 and desire a more settled
lifestyle, though I do love to travel. I desire time to pursue my own creative
I am gently peeking ahead to what might be next for me. I love so many things
and can’t seem to ground down to find a clear direction in my heart as to what my
next career may be as I have been spoiled to an extent by this one. When I work
I work hard, though when I am off I relish my free time. I don’t think I could ever
work for someone directly nor do any kind of 9-5 type of thing.
I am single, would love to have a partner, love children though I am not interested
in having them. My father passed away recently and I am embracing this change.
So as life goes, many things happening and many desires at heart.
The ultimate question is … when one is ready for a career change and has been
living a freelance life, how might I be open to ground in to discover my next
venture? Is that clear?
If you have any advice I would surely love to hear it!
With many thanks and warm regards,

Dear Patty,
Thank you so much for writing.
The dilemma you describe is (as you doubtless know) many faceted. Sometimes, I think, we fail to find a clear direction because we are asking our hearts for direction but, at the same time, we are placing lots of conditions and expectations on the answer. It can be hard to hear the heart’s whisper when your ego is playing DJ. 😉
Your heart is not particularly interested in making you comfortable. While your heart may call on your independence, creativity, and experience to serve its desire and purpose, it won’t cater to them.
I hope this does not sound cold. (I am cursed and blessed with directness in the second half of life.) What I am sensing is that you may be looking to a career change to accomplish a life change. It could be that the life change wants to come first.
Does this make sense?
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