How Much Should You Give Away?

by | Jul 29, 2013

free_advice_help_2013How much of your time and energy should you give away in the interests of building your network and generating new business? Is it possible to give too much? Here’s what I’ve noticed over the past umpteen years. (17 as a coach, but who’s counting?)

I notice that I usually feel energized when I get to be a resource for inspiration, information or motivation. What works for me is to notice these opportunities as just that–opportunities, not demands–and to respond according to the time, energy and interest that I have at the moment as well as my expectations of how I will receive energy in return.

Sometimes this means that I give lots of help, knowing that I will benefit by the experience of articulating what I know, by the exchange of energy and good will, or by the opportunity to extend my network. Sometimes I give brief (even verging on curt) responses when I feel I can help, but I don’t have heaps of time to do it in.

If I feel like I need a more tangible return in order to feel good about giving, then I ask for it, either by asking about the questioners’ intentions and purpose or referring them to one of my free or for-fee services (website, class, group coaching). The important thing for me is to give what I can give freely and not worry about the rest.

I trust my whims on this. I have been the beneficiary of many unlooked for referrals and have received plenty of generous assistance from others without strings attached. From this I know that the quid pro quo of balancing energy out and energy in is not linear or obvious. So I tend to go in the direction of what feels good, and I  tend to avoid doing anything that will cause me to feel resentful, no matter how great the theoretical return may be. That’s what works, so that’s what’s right for me.

One last piece. What feels right comes to us when we are in a peaceful space of good feeling. It doesn’t come from analysis. It’s not a matter of figuring out the pros and cons. So if you are stuck about what to give or not give, take a break from thinking about it. Do something else and revisit the question when you are in a peaceful space of good feeling.

Then trust yourself, because when you do, you really can’t lose.

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