Is Your Battery Low? Business Vision and Spiritual Overhead

by | Apr 3, 2011

A participant in Profit Alchemy recently told me she was overwhelmed by the scope of her business vision. How could she hope to be and do what she aspired to? Was her vision just too big?

Read my answer below…


Remember the olden days? 

It used to be that you had to keep a mobile phone plugged in almost constantly or it would die in the middle of an important call. Even today, if you forget to recharge it, it will shut down.

The point is that even the best batteries need to be recharged. In fact, even rechargeable batteries won’t hold a charge forever. Sooner or later they need to be replaced altogether.

Your vision is like a mobile phone

Like a mobile phone, your vision needs power. You, the creator of the vision, are the battery. And yes, you need to be recharged. Often. Regularly.

You need a big vision

You might be tempted to scale down your vision so your battery runs longer between charges. I think that’s a mistake.

You need a big vision precisely because it requires you to regularly plug in to a greater power source. The bigger your vision, the greater your reliance on Source. And the more you rely on Source, the stronger your battery gets.

A big vision doesn’t need a big ego

If you’re a bit afraid to let your business vision be larger than yourself, I understand. It’s daunting to imagine accomplishing something that is clearly beyond your limited power. It can feel like tempting fate to step in and take you down a peg.

But a big vision doesn’t need a big ego. It needs someone with the humility to recognize her limits and accept inspiration, support, and encouragement from outside.

A big ego deflects support. Being right-sized invites it.

A big vision doesn’t have to be rigid

You may have been backing off from your business vision because you don’t want to seem demanding. Who are you to set audacious goals and standards? What if the Universe has something else in mind.

Well, the Universe is going to get its way whatever you do. So long as you remember that, you can create as big a vision as you like, and you’ll have the resilience to adapt to whatever reality brings.

And all the while you’ll be plugging into a greater Source of power. While you’re connected, it’s really not possible to go wrong.

Charging your battery is spiritual overhead

Overhead is expenses that are necessary to your business but that don’t directly generate profit. Rent. Phone. Office supplies.

And then there’s spiritual overhead.

Spiritual overhead is everything you need and do to charge your battery. Candles in your office. Yoga. Taking a course.

You invest in spiritual overhead, not only because it makes you feel better in the moment, but because it restores and renews you. You are a different coach or bodyworker or artist when you do your overhead than when you don’t.

It’s all connected

Your business vision, your battery, and the Source which recharges you are all connected. The bigger your vision, the more you need to rely on Source. The more you rely on Source, the stronger your battery and the easier it is to keep that big vision in focus.

And paradoxically, the clearer your focus, the easier it is to go with whatever happens.

It’s not this or that

Sometimes it may seem like you have to choose between spiritual overhead and practical matters. But you don’t. The spiritual and practical demands of your business are mutually supportive.

Imagine a business that makes it easier and more natural for you to continue your spiritual and physical practices. Imagine that as you do those practices, your business is a clearer and clear expression of your big vision.

That’s a vision worth plugging in for.


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