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by | Feb 3, 2014

I was rooting around for a topic for this week’s post, wondering what would be a slam-dunk for me (why not?) and what would be of service to you (duh!) when I had a brilliant idea.

I could write about Mark, as in Mark Silver.

Mark is a dear friend, but before we became friends, he was my coach. I hired him when I was feeling terminally stuck. With his help, I created one of my best (if I do say so myself) programs, Authentic Wealth (see the sidebar), and generated about $30,000 of new revenue.

Oh, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly.

Not bad.

Mark rocks the nuts and bolts

Mark simply rocks the nuts and bolts of business. I don’t know anyone who can get to the heart of what a business needs faster or more accurately.

And “heart” is the operative word here.

Mark’s company is Heart of Business, and his work–every blinkin’ super-practical bit of it–is rooted in the heart’s wisdom. What that means is that his clients and students gain the confidence that what he teaches will work for them because it feels good to their hearts.

Because no matter how smart a business strategy might be, if it doesn’t feel good to your heart, it’s not sustainable (that is, if you can bring yourself to do it at all).

Now let’s talk about me

In the past couple of years I’ve realized that my genius is not teaching the nuts and bolts. My unparalleled brilliance, if you will, is teaching the principles behind the human experience. When you understand those principles, you become infinitely more resilient, creative, and confident.

You stop being afraid of your experiences–even when they seem pretty darn scary or sad. When your experiences don’t scare you, you don’t get stuck as often, and when you do get stuck, you aren’t particularly impressed by it.

And when you aren’t impressed by being it, you don’t stay stuck for long.

Another way to say this is that you become failure-proof. Instead of “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” the question becomes, “What would you like to do now, since you know that failure isn’t a problem?”

Instead of “Do I dare?” the question becomes “Why the heck not?”

Imagine how that shift might impact your success.

But you still need the nuts and bolts

All that said, if you want to get more business, the nuts and bolts are essential. And since I’m not teaching them, I want you to know where you can get expert help, which would be from Mark and his team.

And don’t you know, beginning February 12, you can get help with two of the most sticky wickets in business from their Foundations 1: Clients and Money course.

The two big ouchies


Worrying about creative block not only holds it in place, it is the block. Without worry, what we’re calling creative block doesn’t exist. In its stead are any number of moments in which any number of thoughts are freely flowing through your mind. Some you like. Some you don’t. Maybe you pick one to follow, maybe you don’t. But until you worry about it, you don’t have a creative block.

What Mark’s course will do

Here are a few things I think you’ll get out of Mark’s program:

  • You’ll learn to enjoy sales, even look forward to it, because you won’t lose your heart. It’ll stop feeling so icky, and actually begin to feel pretty awesome.
  • You will find a natural ease and flow of new clients that want to work with you, without all the desperation and convincing.
  • You will transform your relationship to money–no more desperately searching for financial breakthroughs, or feeling the fear of losing the feeling of security you’ve already built.
  • The right clients will show up for you and be happy to pay you.
  • You’ll be bringing in more income because you are able to offer your services with respect and without pushing.

What’s your pleasure?

If you know the nuts and bolts of getting more business but are blocked by discouragement, frustration, or other insecure feelings, working with me could be a good move. I would love, love, love to help you find the freedom and happiness that come from understanding how this being human stuff works so that you can play all out in your life and business.

And if you need help with the the nuts and bolts, taking Mark’s course could be the game changer that turns your dream of self-employment into reality.

(And hey, there’s absolutely no reason why you couldn’t do both.)

Click the link below to check out Mark’s course, Foundations One: Clients & Money program. www.uu145.infusionsoft.com/go/F1/MGordon/

To work with me, just reply to this email and we’ll talk.

What’s in it for me

You might have noticed that my name shows up at the end of the link to Mark’s course. That’s because I’m an affiliate for Heart of Business, and if you sign up after clicking that link, I’ll receive some money as a thank you.

You should also know that I frequently refer people to Mark without any sort of compensation. Still, the little I actually get from referrals like this helps to keep my own business sustainable, so I gladly signed up as an affiliate when Mark invited me to do so. I see it as a win for him, a win for me, and truly a win for you.

So once again, here’s the link to learn more about Mark’s course:


The important thing is that you get the help you want.

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