Money and values: Is it time to reset your money thermostat?

by | Apr 9, 2007

money and values: reset your money thermostatTaxes were the subject of a recent conversation in the private forum for the upcoming Authentic Wealth Virtual Retreat. One participant wrote,

“How do normal people meet these obligations [i.e., taxes] and still buy houses and go somewhere once in a while and have careers they find fulfilling?”

I have often felt the same way, wondering how any ordinary person could ever have enough money to own a home and take care of repairs and pay taxes and clothe their children, etc.

I’ve seen this in a lot of my clients’ lives as well. Over the years I have come to see this as confusion about money and values.

What I noticed, in time, is that I had my “money thermostat” set at about half what would be needed to do all those things. I’m not sure why or how, but I didn’t even think in terms of earning more or charging more than a certain amount. In fact, I was pretty sure that people who thought it was important to make more money were shallow.

Yikes! Is it shallow to want to own a home? Is it shallow to want to be able to replace the roof when it gets old? Is it shallow to want to travel?

No. So one day I decided to reset my financial thermostat.

Resetting a thermostat is the work of an instant, but it can take a while before the house warms up if you’ve left it empty and unheated for two months in mid-winter. In other words, when I reset my money thermostat, it took some time (in my case, three years) to understand for myself the relationship between money and values and increase my income enough that we could buy a home. So it is important to keep that thermostat at the new setting even when you still feel a chill.

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