My adventure in niche sites

by | Nov 20, 2008

Niche sites have been around for a while. They are highly focused sites that offer lots of content around a narrowly defined topic for a specific audience.
Like How to Raise Frogs with Your Three Year Old.
Or Growing Cranberries in Alaska.
Or, in my case, Making Cheap, Fast, Healthy Soups.
The idea is to give this narrow audience lots of useful, free information. This attracts visitors to the site. The way you earn income is by either selling something of value to that audience or by hosting advertisements and links to products on which you earn income.
In this case, I’m using Google AdSense along with links to relevant products and services at Powells, Amazon, and, in time, other retailers that have something useful to offer.
But here’s what really excites me about this site: Eating right is high on my priority list right now. I’m making two or three yummy, healthy soups every week so that I can grab a bowl and heat up a nutritious meal fast.
So I just post my recipes as I cook, and voilà! A niche site. And since I am always looking for good recipes and ideas to try, I can share that information as I find it.
The point is that you don’t have to be someone you aren’t in order to launch a niche site. Look at your life. What do you do all the time that you are (or becoming) an expert in?
That’s your niche!