Our Favorite Endorsement

by | Apr 11, 2006

Dilys endorses Authentic Promotion, marketing tool

Dilys Dinosaur (seen here on vacation) is a web icon created for a quirky weblog we’re always happy we visited, G as in Good H as in Happy. She was created by one of our Authentic Promotion students at Fishy Art Co, a communications and coaching company in Austin, TX. “Dilys” ‘s creator recently told her online marketing network about Authentic Promotion:
Seattle’s Molly Gordon’s Authentic Promotion
Addresses the ethical and psychological marketing dilemma that is almost always overlooked: How to get, inside oneself, comfortable with the need to market. A vital precursor to all the how-to-market’s. Especially for individuals and small business folks. Free worthwhile newsletter, extremely reasonable e-book. The offered telecourses get results and build networks. Changed my life.
Thanks, Dilys. Thanks, Fishy Art .