“What now?” versus “What next?”

by | Oct 19, 2017

You know how sometimes you seem to just know what to do, and other times planning goes sideways? The harder you try to get clarity, the murkier you feel?

Sometimes when we seek clarity in the moment, we innocently confuse ourselves by looking too far down the road. We confuse fortune-telling with listening for guidance. If you find yourself spinning as you contemplate what comes next, play with allowing your mind to quiet and asking, “What now?”

Not, “What are the next three things I need to do?” But simply, “What now? What’s showing up right this moment?”

Look for yourself

You don’t have to believe that asking “What now?” will work better than “What next?” Just let yourself to notice if there is something about this that sounds or feels right. If there is, allow yourself to be inclined in the direction of that feeling. The value isn’t in the words or the formula; it’s in that feeling you get of being somehow more connected.

Let me know what shows up. As always I welcome your comments, questions, and push back.  And if this has been helpful, please share it with friends and colleagues using the social sharing buttons on the left. ♥ 

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