I lied. Profit is not a spiritual word.

by | Nov 28, 2012

For a couple of years now I’ve been grousing about marketers who use spirituality as a hook for their offers. It can seem like spiritual blackmail: “This offer is for you if you are serious about your spirituality.” The unstated corollary is that if you don’t buy in, you aren’t looking for a spiritual solution.

Bull pucky.

If you are a certain kind of person (I am), you need your work and your business to be aligned with your values. With your spiritual understanding.

But that alignment alone doesn’t produce profit.

What produces profit is spiritual alignment, practical know-how, the willingness to face down your demons, and plain hard work.

Don’t get me wrong. If you approach your business in a certain way, you will definitely have spiritual insights. Those insights will help—a lot. But while those insights are necessary, they are not sufficient for your success.

My confession

In a moment of weakness (as the result of comparing myself with those who are cashing in on spirituality), I used the words “spiritual secrets to profit” in the link to my no-cost video web page.

I regret that.

Even though I’ve been integrating spiritual principles into my work for 20 years, I fear that those words might mislead you into thinking that the no-cost Everything You Always Wanted to Know Etc. videos and webinar give you a transcendent way to make a profit.

They don’t.

The videos and webinar give you intelligent, practical, honest, and insightful teachings about how to make a profit when you love your work.

I know doesn’t sound very humble, but this is about telling you the truth as I see it.

I do want you to get the benefit

The link is misleading, but the videos are awfully good. (See the end of this email for some of the feedback I’m getting.) I want you to see them. I believe they can help. To that end, I offer the infamous link: https://mollygordon.com/spiritual-secrets-to-profit/

The rest of the story

I think it’s important that you know why the videos and the upcoming Open Kimono webinar are free. It’s because they are previews of Profit Alchemy, which begins in January.

People who apply for Profit Alchemy are making a big commitment, not just of money (it’s rather modestly priced compared to similar programs), but of time and energy.

I believe that anyone considering that kind of commitment deserves a really good peek at what they’re getting into.

I know that most of the people who see the Everything You Wanted to Know Etc. videos and attend the webinar will not apply for Profit Alchemy. I’m okay with that. I love that people for whom Profit Alchemy is not a fit at the moment will still get a lot of help from the series.

And I love the caliber of applicant that shows up after getting a good taste of what and how I teach and coach.

My heartfelt invitation to you

I know what it’s like to struggle to make a profit. Even when you are getting by, it depletes your energy and saps your confidence. It can cause you to doubt yourself. The less you earn the busier you seem to be and the smaller your life seems to get.

In other words, I know that you have a lot on your plate, and you may not feel that you have time to spend watching videos or attending webinars.

The thing is that I believe these videos and the webinar deliver information and tools that can start turning things around for you. I believe that, if you watch closely and put what you learn into practice, things can get better.

Five videos and a webinar alone aren’t likely to catapult you into earning six figures. But they can show you where to put your time and attention. They can shoo away some of the monsters in the closet.

They can help. A lot.

Okay, I’ll stop already

I’ve gone on a lot longer than I intended, but it takes what it takes, right?

Bottom line:

  • I promise not to oversimplify the relationship between spirit and profit.
  • I sure hope you’ll take advantage of the no-cost videos and webinar on making a profit at work you love.

Take care,


PS: Most marketing experts would say that this posts uses words that are too big and sentences that are too complex. They’d be right if I wanted to reach folks who are more interested in what’s easy than they are in what’s effective. I’m willing to break up my sentences so they are easier to read onscreen, but I’m not willing to talk to you at an eighth grade level.

You deserve better than that.


Feedback about the Everything You Always Wanted Etc. Series

Mia Sherwood Landau puts the 1st video in the context of Cyber Monday

“What a gift to find this 20 minutes of encouragement and enlightenment in my inbox this morning! I was thinking about how I could spend Cyber Monday fueling my success online instead of spending money on a bunch of stuff I don’t need. You words and awesome graphics truly hit the spot! Looking forward to all your videos, Molly. Thanks for all you do.”

Phil H. says I could charge for these

“I’m very sure that you could charge for these videos, but I for one am grateful that you don’t, The information is invaluable. Thank you for being generous.”

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Money photo by >401(K) 2012 via Flickr