Q&A about Getting Biz from Big Companies

by | May 26, 2009

Today Barbara Weaver Smith answers questions about her book, Whale Hunting Women.
Dear Barbara Weaver Smith:
What would you say to someone who only has experience in a competitive environment to make them be open to give collaboration a chance?
I’d ask them, how’s that working for you? Does your organization or department or team accomplish its highest objectives in this environment? If you work in an internally competitive environment, chances are it’s not very functional, and everyone knows it.
Sometimes we don’t know when we are in a certain mindset because the entire environment is of that mindset how would you suggest shaking up the “Norm” every so often?
Two chapters in my book offer suggestions for shaking up the norm. One is “Radical Culture: Kill Some Commandments.” It has a list of “the way we do things” and some ideas for change. Another is “Fast Times.” This chapter has ten ways to work differently. My ideas for shaking up the norm are always focused on “what are we trying to accomplish?” and “how might we accomplish it better, faster, or more easily?” There’s no point to “shaking things up” unless we want to improve our outcomes.
You said. ”You are in control of how your market perceives you – exercise that control faithfully.” Would you please explain that in more detail?
That concept is especially directed to small companies or to people who are solo entrepreneurs. If we allow ourselves to “think small,” we often look even smaller than we are! So controlling the market’s perception is another way of saying “put your best foot forward.” You have the opportunity to influence how a whale (big prospect) sees you.
In your marketing materials, your website, your phone calls, and in person, you can choose to look professional. You can choose to prepare. You can create a team to do this deal, enlisting your banker, your accountant, a current customer, a networking partner. These ideas are discussed in the chapter entitled “Small Company Looking Big.”
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