Self employment, world change, and the Girl Effect

by | Nov 21, 2010

I’m all about ending the cycle of under-earning among self-employed women, so when Tara Sophia Mohr invited me to blog about The Girl Effect, I instantly thought of entrepreneurship.
What is The Girl Effect?
According to The Girl Effect Web site, the Girl Effect is a project to support girls in developing countries at a crucial crossroads.

Girls living in poverty are uniquely capable of creating a better future. But when a girl reaches adolescence, she comes to a crossroads.
Things can go one of two ways for her and everyone around her.

  1. She gets educated. She stays healthy and HIV negative. Marries when she chooses. Raises a healthy family.
  2. None of these things happen. She is illiterate. Married off. Is isolated. Is pregnant. Vulnerable to HIV.

It takes remarkable little to determine which road a girl will travel. And one of the most effective ways to ensure a brighter future for girls and their communities is to support them in starting micro-enterprises.
Take Sanchita, for example. $60 changed everything when it enabled her to buy a single cow.

It begins with one person
When $60 makes such a big difference, it’s easy to see how even the smallest contribution can help. Fortunately, it is easy to donate to The Girl effect through Global Giving.
You can also contribute by spreading the word. Follow girleffect on Twitter.
Like the Girl Effect page on Facebook.
Learn more from some of the over 130 other takes at The Girl Effect blogging campaign page.
Whatever you do, don’t let it end with this blog post.
By the way, this is about you and making a profit
When you step up and into your ability to thrive, you model prosperity for everyone. You enable yourself to give even more generously of your time and resources. You make the best use of resources that these girls don’t have.
It’s the least you can do, don’t you think?