Selling, the Start of a Beautiful Relationship

by | May 11, 2007

When DJ Dougherty at Peninsula Subaru sold me my Subaru Legacy wagon (a black beauty named Blanche) a few years ago, it was the start of a beautiful relationship.
Say what?
It began when DJ, one of four dealers I’d contacted through the Internet, paid attention to what I requested, not only in terms of product and price, but in terms of process. He emailed me within two hours of my request for a quote. He treated me like an informed and capable purchaser and never insulted my intelligence with pressure tactics or inflated quotes. He reviewed financing and warranty options matter-of-factly, leaving me feeling informed and supported rather than manipulated and second-guessed. I’d buy another car from this man in a heartbeat.
There’s a moral here for both sellers and buyers. For sellers: respect your clients and customers. Listen carefully for what they want from the process as well as the product and price. For buyers: do your homework. Clearly specify what you want from process, product, and price. Then choose a seller as carefully as you choose the product, and treat that seller with the same degree of respect that you want to receive. When both parties profit from the deal, it’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

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