Six No-cost Ways to Fall In Love with Your Business Starting Now from My Library to Yours

by | May 13, 2014

When I stopped writing my weekly ezine after 16 years, I promised that I would look for other no-cost ways for you to be happier and more successful at self-employment. So I said to myself, “Self, what do you have to offer that would be of obvious value to anyone looking at your work from the outside?” I asked it that way, because I’ve noticed over the years in both art and business that the best ideas are usually obvious, after you’ve had them, and that other people generally see what you can’t see yourself.

I wrestled with the question, and then I dropped it, at which point the answer popped right up: “Go to the library, silly.” That would be the vast library I’ve amassed about how to create meaningful, sustainable success when you work for yourself.

So I went to my library and yowza! As I started reading and listening to my favorite heart-centered business teachers, I fell in love with them all over again. Shoot, I fell in love with my business again, which can happen when you see with fresh eyes.

Fall in love with your business

To you help fall in love with your business as well, I’m giving away five primo presentations, which I selected based on their relevance, style, and depth—that you can download now at no cost. I’m also giving a free live teleclass next week on How to Know What to Do When There’s too Much to Do, because I don’t want this gift to be one more thing that sends you into information overload.

As I said, my library is vast, and my team and I are tapping its resources to create an Enlightened Business Intensive. If after experiencing these no-cost presentations you want more, you’ll have an opportunity to enroll in the Intensive. If not, then not. Enrollment won’t open until after all the goodies have been distributed, so there is no pressure to even think about it now.

Okay, enough with the back story. Here’s the line-up.


Superhero Available now: Superpowers, Storytelling and Soul Stuff: How going deep affects your bottom line, Fabeku Fatunmise

As a business owner, there’s so much to focus on. Your business has a million moving parts and they all seem important. But what if you’ve overlooked two of the most essential pieces? Fabeku shows you how to connect with the parts of you that bring what you do into a cohesive, magnetic whole and significantly increase your ability to find your perfect audience, ramp up your income and amp up your mojo, while lining up with the heart of what you do. (Audio, handout, transcript.)

You don’t need to sign up to download Fabeku presentation. Just click here to download it. I do ask you to sign up if you want to receive the rest of the presentations, because I don’t want to clutter your email box with links and reminders unless you are interested.


Planning for Chaos Sean D'SouzaAvailable now: Planning for Chaos, Sean D’Souza

Sean D’Souza is quite possible the most productive person I know. He also has a wonderful life, unlike some of the craze Internet marketers out there. In this session (recording, handout, transcript, and mindmap) he shares an approach to productivity that can help you have a more wonderful life as well. If you haven’t experienced Sean’s teaching before, you are in for a treat. He makes things super clear and extremely practical.

In this presentation he explains:

  • Why most planning systems don’t work. (It’s not your fault.)
  • How to manage multiple projects simultaneously without losing traction.
  • How to build a chaos plan (and why you want one).
  • The sense and stupidity of focus.

Click here to sign up to get Planning for Chaos with Sean D’Souza as well as the other five presentations.


Mark SilverComing May 19: The Three Journeys of Marketing… why smart, effective marketing tactics fail and what’s missing, Mark Silver

Your clients are traveling towards your business, desperately needing what you have to offer, and yet it’s easy to get lost in the desert of the marketplace. If you don’t understand the Three Journeys your just right clients are traveling, you’ll lose them, no matter how inspired your marketing is.

Mark Silver is the founder of Heart of Business and a successful business teacher and healer, who brings an active connection with the Divine to his work. Heart of Business has helped thousands of entrepreneurs and small business owners to integrate the nitty gritty of business with the heart-opening truths of spirit in a way that actually helps the business be profitable and make a difference in the world.

(Audio, transcript.)

Click here to sign up to receive The Three Journeys of Marketing with Mark Silver as well as the other five presentations.

Busy DeskComing May 21: How to Know What to Do Next When There’s too Much to Do, Molly Gordon (Teleclass)

You sit down to plan—or maybe the whole idea of figuring out where to start has you too tense to sit, so you hover, or pace, or stand frozen in the middle of your office.

Where the heck should you start? How do you make the right decisions when there are too many options, too many demands, and not enough time (or you) to go around?

This live teleclass will bring ease and lightness and give you confidence that you can choose wisely and well.

(Live teleclass and recording.)

Click here to sign up to participate in the teleclass and/or to receive the recording along with all the other five presentations.


Michael Neill bestselling author of The Inside Out RevolutionMay 26: How to Achieve Joyous Profitability, Michael Neill

(Audio, transcript, visual essay)

One of the reasons so many small businesses don’t make it past the first year, let alone, the first five years is the amount of pressure we put on ourselves to succeed. Michael Neill proposes a new model for creating success outside the pressure cooker. A model for creating the kind of business you can really enjoy.

In this talk, Michael points to the deeper feeling that you carry with yourself into the marketplace. It’s a state of mind. It’s an understanding. It’s not a set of techniques. It’s not a set of practices. It’s not a place you ultimately get to after you achieve X, Y, and Z. This deeper feeling is always available, and when you connect with it, you immediately tap into the wisdom you need to guide your business.

(Audio, transcript, visual essay.)

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Mikelann ValterraJune 2, How to Charge Good Money for Doing What You Love, Mikelann Valterra

After almost two decades of helping people exit the money fog and heal their relationship to money, Mikelann Valterra brings a deep understanding of the psychology of money, a revolutionary approach to money management, and a wealth of personal experience to her coaching practice.

You have a business idea, now you’ve got to charge for it! But how much? You may be scared that you won’t get enough clients if your rates are too high, but your time is precious. Will you end up resenting it if you don’t charge enough? In this audio (with transcript and handout) Mikelann helps you navigate the complexities of rate-setting, while paying special attention to the emotional side of this charged issue.
She explains:

  • Three strategies for feeling good about charging good money.
  • Two ways to avoid giving away too much.
  • The top five reasons why you should be charging at the top of the range for your service.  If you’re tempted to discount, don’t miss this!

(Audio, handout, transcript.)

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The last word…

I guess all that’s left for me to say is, “Enjoy!”


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