smARTist knocks my socks off

by | Nov 14, 2006

Call me a grinch, but I wasn’t expecting to be dazzled by this evening’s Virtual Opening Reception Party for the smARTist Tele-Summit. image.jpg I certainly didn’t expect to be glued to the phone while listening to the 11 other presenters talk about their sessions.
Well, glued to the phone I was. For 50 minutes I listened, rapt, while one person after another blew me away with their expertise, their commitment to artists, and their ability to share solid information over the phone. If you’re an artist and can use help with the business side of art, run, don’t walk, to the smARTist Web site. Sign up for the second of 4 free pre-event teleconferences, each with a different expert in getting your work into the world.
Frankly, I think you ought to sign up for the whole shebang as soon as possible. The Tele-summit runs January 18 &19 and 22-26. If you don’t have the funds now, ask for a registration for Christmas or start saving your latte money. This is one training event that is going to far outshine it’s publicity.