Thank you [CPR for the Soul]

by | Apr 14, 2006

cpr for the soulThis year I have sent two special mailings to my list. Each was a recommendation to invest in a book by one of my coaching colleagues (actually, two of my colleagues, one per book).

The response to both mailings has been phenomenal, which tells me how strong our relationship is. Not that I expect that everything I suggest willl be right for everyone, but that so many of you take a look to see if it is. I love that.

Get Unstuck & Get GoingThere’s another thing I love about this. Readers of my ezine have purchased hundreds of books as a result of these two recommendations, and I haven’t had one complaint about the value received for the investment. Not one. (Oh, there have been a few technical glitches with ordering, but all of those have been cleaned up promptly.)

So thank you Michael Bungay Stanier and Mike Jay for creating such fine products. And thank YOU, dear readers, for supporting them.