The Books Are Here

by | Jan 17, 2008

What this blog needs is a category named, “Surprise!” (Note to self: make it so. When you have time. And why are you laughing at me?)
Ah, the thrills and chills of being an accidental entrepreneur. Today the books finally arrived. I discovered this at 5:10 pm when I logged into to find out where the heck they were. According to the Web site, the books had been delivered at 2:27 this afternoon.
Who knew? After a week of watching every truck that passed my house, somehow I missed this one. And the driver must have been a newbie, because my usual guy would surely have knocked on the door. Instead, this one unloaded nine boxes of books in the carport, where I discovered them a few minutes ago.
The good news? They are here. The bad news? Oh, don’t get me started. At first I couldn’t find any. Then I noticed that the illustrations were about half the size that they were when they left my computer. The font for the title is too small. The cover illustration is placed to high. The bottom margins are too deep. It’s nice to know that a week training as a Certified Facilitator in The Work of Byron Katie™ hasn’t crippled my critical faculties.
One of the unexpected extras is that every book is individually wrapped. So picture me listening to a mystery on my iPhone as I slit open 380 wrappers so I can sign the books for the patient souls who have been waiting since September to get what they paid for.
You know, it really is perfect. I love listening to audio books, and apart from gardening and the gym, I rarely have such a good excuse. And since I’m getting over a cold and probably don’t belong at the gym tonight anyway, color me grateful.