The Just-Right Challenge

by | Apr 26, 2007

Does your business fit “just right”? Do you even believe it’s possible? Would you prefer a business that did fit “just right”?
I’m on a mission to change the notion that working for yourself needs to be a struggle. Folks who are motivated to express and share their talents and gifts can earn a handsome income and feel good about it, if they learn how.
If you are self-employed (or want to be), the first step to a business that fits just right is to take the Just-Right Challenge. Here’s how:
1. Subscribe to the Authentic Promotion e-zine.
2. Read the first 6 pages of the free ebook you receive as a new subscriber. (It will take less than 5 minutes.)
3. Do the exercise on page 5.
4. Keep a log for two weeks of how you are being in your business. (There’s more about that on page 6.)
5. Come back and click on Post a Comment to share what you observed. When you post your comment, I will send you a free copy of an hour-long teleclass, “Focus Your Niche, Expand Your Offer.”