The Luscious Bhodisattva

by | Nov 7, 2007

I always knew that my friend Melissa Gayle West was special, but that didn’t mean I planned to read her newsletter, One Minute for Pleasure. I mean, I am so not needing that.
Here’s what I wrote Melissa today after reading her newsletter for the second week in a row. If it rings a bell, bop on over to her Web site, The Luscious Bhodisattva, and subscribe.

Your newsletter today – luscious again.
You know, I thought I didn’t need any luscious bhodisattva-ing until – for God knows what reason (and I truly believe She does) – I opened it last week. So today when it arrived I thought, “What the hell. If it doesn’t have anything for me I don’t have to keep reading it.
And now, perhaps 4 minutes later, I have a pleasure name, Gigi, and I have discovered that Gig turns a compulsory shoulder roll/arm stretch into a sultry, sensual exploration of her own delicious self. And she flirts with hummingbirds and makes eyes at the hills!
I had no idea…