Time out: Certificate of the right to play

by | Sep 10, 2010

The photo says it all, don’t you think?
It’s so important to play. Really play. Not because it sparks your creativity. Or because it’s good to take a break. (Even though those are good reasons.)
It’s important to play just because. Because when you’re playing you never know from one moment to the next just who you’re going to be. Because you never know what will happen when you open your eyes and take your hands off the grownup wheel.
When you work for yourself, work and play can flow into each other, which has advantages. But it’s also important to make a clean break from time to time. To become a child again.
For that reason, I offer you a Certificate of the Right to Play.
There are many versions of this on the Internet, and the original is by Bruce Williamson. In respect of his copyright, I’m just quoting a bit. You can see the whole thing at www.childlikegrownups.com.
Certificate of the Right to Play 
By this Certificate, know ye that:
___________________________________ is a lifetime member and in good standing in the Society of Childlike Grownups and is hereby and forever entitled to: 
Walk in the rain, smell flowers, blow bubbles, splash in mud puddles, howl at the moon… and do anything else that brings more …harmony, peace, and life energy to the above named member and to other humans & beings on this planet.
Furthermore, the above named member is officially authorized to frequent all mountain tops, meadows, amusement parks, … and the many other places where children of all ages come to play, and is encouraged to always remember the motto of the Society of Childlike Grownups:
“You’re never too old for recess.”
In work and in play,
PS: Some of you may know I’m in the midst of The Self Employment Telesummit. It’s an intense event that started last week and continues through next week. Nonetheless, this weekend I’ll be at the Port Townsend Film Festival, our favorite annual play date.
I share that because I truly believe that if I can do it, so can you. I so appreciate the opportunity to share what I’ve learned (and am learning) about successful self-employment with you, and I thank you for your trust and support.
Photo by Jere Keys via Flickr
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