by | Nov 22, 2007

Caution: This post reveals my geeky side. If you aren’t one of those people who open every menu item and dialogue box in a new program just to see what it does, if you don’t while away hours setting up email filters or bookmarking handy css and html resources, you probably don’t want to read this. If you detest (or haven’t heard of) Plaxo, , and Facebook the very term “social networking,” you really don’t want to read this. (If you act now, you could be my very first friend on Facebook. Ooh! How cool is that?)
A window on social networking
Declared unworkable in 2005
And teens
Impossible to ignore
A beauty contest?
But if, like me, you are sometimes seized with fascination about all things online, read on. And please, come back and let me know your thoughts about social networking, etc.
Twitter. According to The Oxford Dictionary of American English, it means:

verb [ intrans. ]
(of a bird) give a call consisting of repeated light tremulous sounds.
• talk in a light, high-pitched voice : old ladies in the congregation twittered.
• talk rapidly and at length in an idle or trivial way : he twittered on about buying a new workshop.

Tremulous (shaking or quivering slightly) – How I feel about Twitter. How I felt after an evening of Twittering and getting up to twitter-speed. (I’m not there yet. May never be. Could very well get off the road before I get there.)

a series of short, high-pitched calls or sounds : his words were cut off by a faint electronic twitter.
• idle or ignorant talk : drawing-room twitter.

Oh yes, this is Twitter to a T. Short. Often idle. Sometimes ignorant. And very much like a drawing room. Right now I feel a bit like the poor relative standing in a corner by the piano, half hoping and half dreading that someone will engage her in conversation.

in (or of) a twitter – informal – in a state of agitation or excitement.

So apt. An informal state of agitation or excitement related to recording and/or reading the random thoughts of geeky tweety-birds.

ORIGIN late Middle English (as a verb): imitative.

Imitative, indeed. As in you twitter, I twitter, and we all twitter down…
I’m back to my research and development.
The jury is out.