Un Gallo Bonito

by | Oct 15, 2007

Un Gallo Bonito by Miguel Angel, artist of Taller El Parajo, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico
Last week, TCP and I were walking up Prolongacion de Aldama to Casa Caracol, when we simultaneously spotted this amazing rooster. It seemed to illuminate the dim studio around it.
We resisted going in at the time. We were hungry for dinner and perhaps a bit shy. But the next morning we agreed that neither of us could forget it. So TCP walked down the hill to visit the studio.
Needless to say, El Gallo was every bit as fabulous as we had thought. The artist, Miguel Angel, said he had some work yet to do, and he agreed to deliver the piece on Monday (today).
Viva El Gallo!