What is an integral practice?

by | Jul 15, 2006

Over at Zaadz, Jordan Gruber of Enlightenment.com has some interesting things to say about what constitutes integral practice. I like where he’s going.
I have seen so many people “attack” an ILP or ITP by creating intricate, overblown, structures that, in my view, constitute first tier goal setting on steroids. For me, this is not integral; it is practice that enforces an existing paradigm. For me, an integral practice has at least these two distinguishing aspects:
– It involves the “spiritual cross training,” integrating modes of awareness, behavior, action, and development
– It makes room for happy accident; invites shifts outside of one’s way of organizing one’s experience; that is, it supports discovery of a paradigm that lurks beyond the parameters of the paradigm that gave birth to the practice.