Who, me?

by | Mar 2, 2006

I’m the last person you’d expect to go for essential oils in a big way. Ten years ago I was so plagued by what I thought was chemical sensitivity that I good not tolerate the faintest whiff of scent. It didn’t matter how natural or unnatural the aroma, I’d get a scratchy throat, a headache, sometimes my face and chest would redden, and often I would feel a deep and simmering resentment.
It was the resentment that signaled to me that I might somehow be complicit in my discomfort. I’ve never met a resentment I didn’t invite. It took a while, but eventually I disentangled the emotional bobbing and weaving that produced the most extreme reactions, and now I can enjoy (or not) most scents.
Still. I never expected to turn into a diva of essential oils overnight.
Like most overnight phenomenon, this one had been in the works for a while. I know friends and colleagues who are great believers in oils, but that’s always how I viewed it: They “believed,” which I interpret as categorically different from knowing. It made sense to me that aroma would have an impact on a person; in fact, I knew it did. But really. Supporting the immune system? Healing injuries? Nah.
The turning point came when a friend of a friend suggested an oil blend during a difficult time. I tried it. It made a huge difference. I decided to learn more. Eighty-some oils (both singles and blends) later plus hours of research online and off, and I’m no longer a skeptic. I’m a humble and grateful student.
That potency is to be taken seriously. I’ve learned that essential oils are not properly oils at all, but complex chemical compounds. Essentials oils have phenomenal anti-oxidant effects, measuring up to (really) 1,000 times the anti-oxidant power of berries and other food sources. The oils can be very penetrating, and when applied to the skin some oils can be absorbed into the bloodstream in seconds. Now I’m beginning to understand how the claims my friends have made can be true.
I’m working with therapeutic grade oils from a company called Young Living. In the six weeks since I began to experiment with the oils, my chronic sinus inflammation has abated as has a patch of eczema I’ve had for 26 years. But what moves me most of all is that I feel I’ve found a group of long lost friends. I can’t explain the affinity I have for these oils or the intuitive manner in which I work with them. I’m bemused by my enthusiasm (not to mention the size of my investment!). And I am so grateful.
If you want to investigate the oils for yourself, I recommend beginning with The Esssential 7 collection. YL is an MLM, and you will need my member number — 867190 — to order. If you’re just curious, you’ll want to sign up as a preferred customer. If you are more interested, by all means go for the distributorship. You’ll save 24% on your orders, and that can add up fast.
UPDATE: You don’t need my member number any more as I have set up my own essential oilsWeb site. It makes it easy for you to look around, explore the products, and order.