Whoa! An out of my comfort zone birthday request

by | Oct 11, 2013

Colorful birthday balloons

On the first of October I turned 60. At first I wasn’t inclined to mark the occasion apart from enjoying a (very special) family party with our kids and grandkids.

Still, 60 is a milestone, and I wondered if something more might be called for. So I did what any sensible coach would do, and I brought the topic to a coaching session. As I reflected during that session, I realized that, while it doesn’t always compute (what the heck does 60 mean anyway?), I’d like to think it matters that I’ve been on the planet for 60 years.

As they say, I’ve been around more than a few blocks, and this is not my first rodeo. (Hey, it’s my birthday. I can mix metaphors if I want to.)

For as long as I can remember I’ve been an avid learner. More importantly, apart from a few detours, I have been a tenacious seeker of wisdom and insight. And I’ve always been a bit compulsive about sharing what my discoveries.

In it’s lowest form of expression, that can make me a rather tiresome know-it-all. Still, I like to think that what I do when I am at my best and truest is spread good news. “Hey! Look what I just figured out! How cool is this?”

So, as I talked with my coach, I realized that I truly hope that in my 60 years I have made a contribution to the sum of wellbeing in the world and that on this occasion I’d like to mark that.

Here’s where you come in and where I stumble out of my comfort zone. Way out.

If I have made a difference for you, however small, I would love to know about it. If you are moved to respond, you can say something in the comments here or you can drop me an email at molly AT shaboominc DOT com. There’s no need for this to be public.

At this point I’m going to save us both a lot of time and embarrassment by editing out the disclaimers that are clamoring to be included. I’ll just say that I hope that taking this risk will inspire you to make your own bold requests, whatever they may be.



Photo by Nicole Hanusek via Flickr.