Why you should remind your customers to buy

by | Apr 4, 2007

Over the weekend, I sent a reminder about the Authentic Wealth tele-retreat to my list. One reader wrote asking if it were possible to receive my newsletters but not reminders. Here’s my response.
Dear Nancy,
I understand that you find the reminders somewhat annoying. I have had that same feeling when I receive similar messages from others. And lately I have come to see reminders in a new light. I love that the people whose work I support are tending their gardens, so to speak. I find that in two ways:
1) Many of us are busy, and many of us receive more information than we can process. When I receive a reminder it gives me multiple chances to notice and consider an offer that otherwise could get lost in the media stream. Most reminders I receive are pretty clearly identified in the subject line so it is easy to delete them if I do know I am not interested.
2) Reminders are like seeds. In nature, most plants generate many, many more seeds – by a factor of hundreds in some cases – than will ever take root. It’s part of nature’s strategy to ensure the continuation of a species. When it comes to enrolling teleclasses and workshops, it is common for 50% of the participants to sign up in the last ten days. If I stopped casting seeds, those people would be missing out on a wonderful experience and my company would be unable to offer good work for very long.
Until this year, I have sent fewer than six reminders or emails that were strictly focused on a single program – and that was over an eight year period. A couple of years ago I began to feel depleted, though I was not conscious at the time that this was what was going on. As a result, I became less and less able to offer value through the newsletter. Each issue became more difficult to write than the last. As I say, I was not conscious of what was going on, so I just pushed myself harder with poor results.
Now I am able to see that I was not being a good steward of my business. By bending over backwards to avoid selling, I created a one-way relationship, which is no relationship at all. My intention now is to create a two-way relationship in which readers have the opportunity (not the requirement) to get more from me and to give in return. This feels vastly more spacious and sustainable.
So, no, there is no way to be on my list without getting reminders. If that does not work for you, I understand, though I hope you will remain in the newsletter community and make free use of your delete key.
Best regards,
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