Resources for Deeper Understanding

Molly brings an anti-racist lens to every interaction. Plug in below to hear her thoughts on whiteness, how she is still learning, and how to grapple with what whiteness means in your own life and work.

Coaching for Racial Awareness - Molly Gordon

The separate reality of socks

We all live in separate realities generated by our inside-out experience of life. Underneath those separate realities is a deeper reality: our shared humanity. One example, which will seem trivial...

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On the perils of dismantling your compass

Synopsis: Every human being has a built-in compass or GPS. Sometimes we don't like what it says (or doesn't say), so we start taking it apart. Here's why that's neither necessary nor a good idea....

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What I got wrong about the Three Principles

When I first came across the Three Principles as articulated by theosopher Sydney Banks, I thought I had found the escape hatch for everything stressful and painful in life. I was both right and...

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One universal problem; one universal hope

The Three Principles account for two things that every human being has in common with every other human being: The infinite potential for new thought in every moment. The only thing any of us is...

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How to rock the game of life

This video is a bit longer than usual. It's all about the freedom we have to make up whatever game we choose to play in life from what matters to what we create to how we keep score. We can't...

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