What’s in the Water?

Guidance for Swimming Against the Stream

In waking up to whiteness, there are questions to answer and ideas to confront. Molly’s insights bring perspective and clarity.

Molly Gordon
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“What now?” versus “What next?”

You know how sometimes you seem to just know what to do, and other times planning goes sideways? The harder you try to get clarity, the murkier you feel? Sometimes when we seek clarity in the moment, we innocently confuse ourselves by looking too far down the road. We...

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Can you have a quiet mind even when you’re really busy?

Most of us live in the illusion that it's difficult to have a quiet mind if you are really busy. We have grown accustomed to the idea that busy-mindedness is a natural consequence of being busy. There is an implicit assumption that some amount of stress, pressure, and...

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Overwhelm is optional (really!)

Overwhelm is optional—really If a surfer riding the crest of a wave obsesses about the last six waves or the next six waves, she's certain to wipe out. Yet human beings do this all the time when we (yes, me too!) innocently generate overwhelm. The illusion of...

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Things happen for a reason. Really?

"Things happen for a reason." You've heard it. I've heard it. Maybe you've said it; I certainly have. And today I realized that it's not all that helpful. Maybe things happen for a reason; maybe they don't. As my mentor George Pransky likes to say, "That's beyond my...

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The separate reality of socks

We all live in separate realities generated by our inside-out experience of life. Underneath those separate realities is a deeper reality: our shared humanity. One example, which will seem trivial to some and significant to others (yet another indication of separate...

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On the perils of dismantling your compass

Synopsis: Every human being has a built-in compass or GPS. Sometimes we don't like what it says (or doesn't say), so we start taking it apart. Here's why that's neither necessary nor a good idea. Have you ever looked to your inner compass and come up empty?  And then,...

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